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Off The Beaten Path Tours
Walking Tours DC

What are Off the Beaten Path Tours?

Are you visiting Washington DC? What do you plan on doing? Probably, go visit the Lincoln Memorial? Take pictures of The White House? Check out the US Capitol Building? Or, check out the most extensive collection of American art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum? While these are all great ideas, may we suggest enriching your experience by taking an off the beaten path Tour offered by Off The Mall Tours.


So what are off the beaten path tours? Off the beaten path tours are exactly what the name suggests - they take you off the beaten path and into the unexpected. During one of our tours, you will be taken to historical sites that are not mainstream attractions, but that are just as rich in history and culture. Now these tours are not the kind of tours where you are riding around on a double decker bus and getting a quick glimpse and summary of historical sites. These tours are usually walking tours that take you deep into the neighborhoods of the city, so that you can get a closer look at the unique sites that make the area special. These walking tours are a bit more intimate and will give you a fresh perspective to the history surrounding the area. It will be as if you are living there back in time. 


If you want to go off the beaten path and take a walking tour in DC, check out Off The Mall Tours for a truly unique experience. We offer walking tours in DC that will show you the side of DC that you don’t see on television or learn about in history books. 


Contact us to learn more about their walking tours in DC!

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