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Off the Mall Walking Tours is concerned about the health of our customers, and so until the DC area is under Phase 3 of reopening, tours will be limited to 10 people. Masks will be available, though customers are encouraged to bring their own. On the upside, all tours are conducted outside! For tours that include visits to coffee shops, bars, or eating establishments, the company must adhere to the establishments' social distancing and occupation limitations. Thank you for your understanding. 

Announcing the Debut of 
Off the Mall's Newest Tour: 

District of PUNK

 Only $15 for the Debut Tour: 

May 20th, 2021


Photo by Bob Rives





of DC

Uncover the story of the rise of Madams in DC during and after the Civil War, and walk along the roads where you could find the most notorious brothels of DC's former red-light district. 

Historic Alleyways 


Hidden behind elegant row houses was another world that served as a haven for the city's working class and escaped enslaved persons.  Pull back the curtain on these secret enclaves.

Ladies of the Georgetown Set

During the early days of the Cold War and the Kennedy era, men made the policy but their wives made history. Discover the lives of women who learned how to make their mark in a man's world.

Harlem Renaissance in DC

The Harlem Renaissance didn't just happen in Harlem. From the sounds of the Jazz Era to the prose of Langston Hughes, this tour takes you on a journey back in time and through the hip and happening U Street neighborhood. 

The History of Black Georgetown

This tour will take you on a journey from Georgetown’s early days as a port town known for its tobacco and slave trade, to the era of gentrification that took place after Truman’s New Deal brought droves of government workers to the District. Throughout it all, Georgetown’s black citizens made significant contributions to its history and to the District’s black community.


Welcome to Off the Mall tours, a unique walking tour company that reveals a distinctive understanding of Washington, DC. Whether this is your first or your fifth visit to our nation’s capital, our tours offer uncommon perspectives of its history that you won’t get while looking at the monuments. 

Our Mission is to pull back the curtain of those whose existence left their mark on the "shining city upon a hill" in unique ways, and to represent perspectives not typically found in mainstream history books. These stories will leave you with a sense that you’ve found something special.  After one of our tours,  you'll be thirsting for more! 




Katie Kirkpatrick

Katie is proud to call herself a DC resident since 2002. She moved to the capital after college to pursue a dream to work in foreign affairs, but history was always her first love.  She started her touring career by giving historical ghost tour pub crawls, and found that she loved sharing stories with people, as well as the intimate walking format. So she decided to take the plunge and start her own company, drawing upon her interest in unique history and stories, costuming, and sharing her love of DC. 

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